About Us

At Nifty Kicks, we aspire to inspire others to take the extra step forward to achieve greatness. Our utmost objective is to deliver happiness to customers and to appreciate our team members in which they're treated like family. 

Since 2015, Our company has been selling a wide variety of name brand footwear like limited release sneaker, competition ready sports footwear, and casual shoes fitted for leisure. All of the products on our website are in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse in Sacramento, CA.

Our goal is to strive for continuous improvements in providing optimal customer service and customer experience at the best of our ability.

With your purchase from Nifty Kicks, we hope this makes your day that much more joyful. Thank you supporting our small business.

Message from Founder:

Bruce Yu has a story behind the creation of what is now Nifty Kicks that sets it apart from others. Growing up in a humble household, the price of footwear was the determining factor BEFORE comfort and style. The destination for new shoes would be at Payless or parking lot sales at Big 5.

During his late teens he discovered the importance of comfort while playing basketball at the local park as he moved swiftly with his first pair of Nike Hyperdunks. The firm grip the provided complete control was a total game changer. Aside from performance style and fitment compliments your self-confidence that allows you to show your true self.

He started this company from the corner of his bedroom in his parents' house while he was attending community college and working as a busser. The growing passion became a journey overcoming his challenges in discovering his dreams. To take STEPS forward, you must be COMFORTABLE first - it all starts at what's on your feet and how it makes you feel.